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We Carry Antique Auto Glass, Vintage Auto Glass and Plastic.
We have much more inventory than what is listed here.

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We have many Thousands of USA made original Lenses,
Original NOS Headlight Lenses,
Plain Clear Convex or Flat Glass for early cars
Tail light Lenses, License Plate Glass, Cowl, Fender,
Parking Lights, Reverse Lights, Dash gauge Glass,
Spot lights, turn signal lights, and more, don't hesitate to ask.
For Cars, Trucks, Hot Rods, Motorcycles,
and Tractors, from 1900s-1980s.

Sorry we do not carry foreign made lenses.

Describe your needs and we will search our database.
We also carry some vintage Bulbs and Gaskets for early cars.

Why shop ebay when you can get the proper piece right here?
A bargain in not a bargain if you end up with junk, or the incorrect piece.

Preferred email: durant28@comcast.net
(if you are having trouble with this mail link working. Please type my address into your e-mail program manually)
If you do not hear from me in a few days, try oldcarlenses@gmail.com
for some reason international emails are not reaching me, please keep trying or call.

Click the links below to search for your lens!
If you do not know the brand name, e-mail your make and year and I will look it up. This is just a partial list.
I have a Guide that lists 1910- 1921 and 1927-1941 Cars and Trucks.

1950-1980 Tails, etc
9 pages in this section
More to come!
More to come!
Vintage Turn Signals

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No portion of this Web Site may be reproduced in any form, or by any means.

Please do not e-mail me to identify lenses you have found or inherited.
I am not in business to provide identification or free appraisals. Sorry.

I reserve my energies to supply glass to those that are in need.
I have spent endless hours identifying lenses, my time must be worth something?
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Please Read:
Keep in mind that these Lenses are NOT reproduction Glass...

They are Lenses that have been stored away some for over 70 years.
Most are New Old Stock (NOS) some are gently used, all are priced accordingly.
If you see a match for your car, I would suggest that you purchase it as a spare,
once these are gone... they are gone forever!
No reproduction glass made today will ever compare to the originals!

Be aware that we are here via e-mail AND by phone 7 days a week.
You get a real person to talk to,
your requests and orders do not disappear into never-never land.
We get back to you promptly and without hiding behind a yahoo or other bogus e-mail address.
Items arrive in the condition described to you and well packed for a safe arrival!

We are always getting in new inventory
I prefer this e-mail: durant28@comcast.net
(if you are having trouble with this mail link working. Please type my address into your mail program manually)
If you do not hear from me in a few days,
try oldcarlenses@gmail.com, this e-mail address is often the one that works best for international customers,
If you still can not get the mail to go through, type in my e-mail address in manually.
or Call
802 362-4808 with your requests (10 a.m.-8 p.m. EST)

Please note that if you are calling from outside the USA... I can not return your call.. Please call again!

If I can not help you right away, I will hold onto your request and contact your when it comes in.

I specialize in Star Durant Headlights.

WANTED: We buy lots of Lenses. Large or small quantities. Lets Make a Deal!
I am interested in other Specific Lenses in good usable condition for the right price, or big lots of any glass.
I will make sure they find good homes!

Please let me know if the links on this site are not working properly,
or if you can not read the contents clearly.
Thank you.

Thanks again for stopping by!!

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